The number one question start-up companies have when looking for new space is, " how much are your services going to cost me?" What a fair question! When doing a query on the internet, that information appears to be hard to come by. So the short answer is...NOTHING!

The longer answer a lease or purchase of real property, the brokerage fees are typically paid for by the building owner. When a building owner lists their property for lease or for sale, the agreement with their listing agent provides for the fee to be split between their listing agent and the procuring agent. If the listing agent represents both sides of the transaction, there is no inherent savings to the tenant - it just means the full fee goes to the listing agent and the tenant has foregone an agent who was solely looking out for their best interests.  Studies show that tenants who do not use an agent to represent them in their search for new space are more likely to overpay and fall into unforeseen traps that can be costly down the road.