Xerox Parc acts as Technology Think Tank

In 1970, the Xerox Corporation assembled a world class team of experts in information and physical sciences to become "The Architects of Information" and established the company's Palo Alto Research Center with the charter "To Create the Office of the Future".

The facility to house this new charter was located on 14 acres of land leased from Stanford University, nestled into the hillside so as not to be visible from Page Mill Road. This site has come to epitomize the collaborative, start up culture as seen here with engineers sitting on beanbags discussing their latest project. Out of this think tank came the first laser printer and the Alto which was the first workstation with a mouse, cut and paste, icons, pop up menus and overlapping windows. This graphic user interface influenced the development of all subsequent personal computer interfaces - most famously the Macintosh after Steve Jobs visited Xerox Parc and witnessed the Alto for himself. Additionally, Andy Bechtolsheim of Sun Microsystems and John Warnock and Charles Geschke from Adobe Systems got their start and ideas for their then new ventures from their tenure at Xerox Parc.