The ever evolving Mayfield Mall

In 1966, Mayfield Mall opened to great fanfare with the offer to "escape into a magic world of sheer beauty and shopping comfort." 

The indoor, air-conditioned and carpeted suburban shopping mall was the first of its kind in all of Northern California and the featured escalators were a luxury of the time. Unlike today's mega-malls, most of the tenants were locally-based operations. However, by the early 1980's Vallco and Stanford Shopping Center became more enticing and Mayfield was converted into an office park. Hewlett Packard occupied the site for many years and vacated in the mid 2000's. At that point, the 27 acre parcel was slated to be redeveloped into housing. However, in an interesting twist of events the market shifted once again and the piece of real estate that sits on the border of Palo Alto and Mountain View was acquired by local real estate developers in mid 2012. The site has now be reconfigured to offer 500,000 SF of class A office space and it is rumored that Google Glass is interested in occupying the facility. Who could have guessed?